DIY Copper Vessel Sink

Hello my friends!  Here is a post from a few years ago on my other blog.  I thought it would fit better here. Hope you enjoy!!

It all started with our house fire back in 2007. Click here for a different post on that.
The house was stripped down to the beams, so I moved walls, vaulted ceilings etc.... don't worry, it was all good! 
 Anyway, I had to order two sinks for the bathrooms. I ordered one, and thought I had plenty of time to order the other. Boy was I wrong- The contractors needed them both at once of course! The sink I had ordered for the Powder room fit better upstairs so I was left without a sink! I had seen pictures of a tin bucket in a magazine, so when the project manager asked me for the powder room sink, I handed him this bucket and said
"Here ya go!" He looked at me as it I had two heads, but he was finally getting used to my unorthodox decorating style.
"What am I supposed to do with this?" he asked, not really wanting to know my answer.
"Oh, just drill a hole in the center that matches the size hole that sinks usually have and install it".
"You can't do that" he said, obviously he was a linear thinker and
 I was challenging the core of his being...
"Yes you can, right Giuseppe? " I responded cheerfully, and turned to the contractor who loved my wacky ideas cause he knew that it would look great in his portfolio.
He nodded with approval as he whisked off with my copper pot to drill a hole in it.
So, not only did I get the cool sink I wanted, it cost me only $5 because I had the pot that I had paid a whopping $5 for a bunch of years ago! We did a "Rock Area Rug" from the pebble tiles left over from the upstairs shower, so that cost us nothing because we had to buy them for the shower and if I hadn't used them, they would have been in my garage!
The counter top was made from the peice of wood left over from my fireplace mantel, and a chunk of tree that we had to cut down now lives inside and serves as a leg.
Don't you just love THRIFTY decorating???
Another one of my "decorating things" is to paint the walls TWO different colors. In my powder room, two walls are blue and two walls are green! I started doing this when I couldn't decide which color I liked better, so I decided on both. Who says you HAVE to paint all the walls the same color? Rules schmules I say!
Here is the WATER SHOT for Watery Wednesday!!!

I have Japanese River Rocks in the bottom of the sink for an organic feel

Sparkly Hugs,Tobi and the Pixies!

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