Hurry Up Spring PART 2 Unfinished Business...

So I am hoping that by posting my unfinished projects here, I may be inspired to really finish them! Like I told you in Hurry Up Spring, I had a bunch of projects that just didn't get done last summer because of the :

Weeds growing on my pile of topsoil that became known as the "Huge lawn weed chia pet burial mound" and had my husband threatening me with Preen when i wasn't looking to get rid of the weeds and stop the neighbors from whispering about us.

Being Fairy Friendly, of course I begged and so far he hasn't done it.

I am determined to get this all done this year so I am hoping by posting this y'all will hold me accountable to be a trustworthy yard steward and finish what i have started! Here are a few picture to give you an actual view of why my husband was complaining. :) Smeeze!

This is my waterfall walkway: it needs to be cemented but I am not sure if I want to use the bricks for my labyrinth. What do you think? Keep it? Labyrinth it?

This is the "Broken Sidewalk Project"- concrete rubble that i am going to make beautiful boulders out of! You can stop laughing now.

This is the "Huge lawn weed chia pet burial mound" - it is being sneeky right now... it looks perfectly harmless but once sunshine and spring hit, it will turn into a gigantic chia pet and have hubby heading for the preen.
Ok- If you feel like it you can unleash your inner pest and keep asking me when I am going to get started! Every week should do!
Don't take excuses!
I am looking forward to hearing from you!


  1. Ok - I am going to laugh at your boulder comment. It was pretty funny....AND....I used to have a neighbor who had a rock out in front of his house so no one would park there. Yup. And he insisted it had grown since he had "planted it".

    Now you see why I'm laughing hysterically.

  2. Well I am glad I made you laugh as much as you made me today!
    re the music- Ha ha made you listen!

  3. Fun post! You can do it! Get to it! Right? Yes, I can completely relate! So many projects! In fact, I was in the middle of one, when a little fairy voice told me to sit down and see if we had any more comments or follows. Thank you for the follow! I have to say I love, love the pixie dish in the post below. I collect pixies. I adore pixies! Loving all your blogs! You are a busy girl!

    Is your refrigerator running? You better go catch it! (that was one of my mom's!)

    Mermaid Debbie

  4. Gosh, your funny! Love how your waterfall walkway is coming, and I really love your decorated pretty! Great blog!
    xo Paulette ;)

  5. hi, thank you so for following my faerietale of inspiration blog. lovely to meet you. Your waterfall pathway looks like ti will be a beauty when it is finished, but waht a desicion, that or a labyrinth hmm!

  6. OH I really think we were separated at birth I have tools my husband has golf clubs. I gotta try that boulder project! LOL HAHAHAHA
    luvs and glitter

  7. Beautiful blog! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! Vanessa

  8. Man, I do NOT envy you!!! I hate yard work. My landscaping consists of the average "don't worry about me" kind of perrenials- stuff like hostas and ornamental grass. I try to tuck in pots of flowery plants here and there. Last year my neighbor split some Sedum and gave it to me. Other than planting it, I have no idea on how I am supposed to nurture it. Whoops. Guess I missed that class on making the outside of your house pretty!

  9. Thanks for visiting --

    I have a huge chia pet as well -- I tell people it is my compost pile!!!!

    I love brick paths . . . we don't cement ours but rather use sand or put them really close together and use nothing!

    You have a lovely blog . . .

    And there are fairys in the garden at Linderhof . . . we have a corgi, you see -- and where there are corgis there are fairies -- and where there are fairies there are corgis.

  10. Hi there
    Well....I sort of see what your dear hubby is talking about and I sort of get what you mean too. You need to be quite up to that kind of landscaping to tear one away from pretty indoor crafts. I had to laugh at how you explained them all.
    Why not just look at each one separately..forget about the others and see what prettyness you can do with them. I like the bricks for the walkway actually....the chi pia mould can't wait to see how you do on that one.

    Be inspired to make your outdoors just as pretty as your blog...*s*.. it'll look beautiful!

    have a great day

  11. I love your brick pathway! I've got some spare concrete if you need it. I have one of those Chia pet mound kind of things too!!! I really need to flatten that out this spring and plant some grass! :) Marva