Ta Dah!!! Raised Garden Beginnings...and Happy Pink Birthday!

Hello my Sparkly friends!
So It's Pink Saturday's Fourth Birthday-
This is me being pooped after gardening.
Thanks so much for your comments on my raised garden post last week. 

 I decided to go with the spiral bed after all like the one above from Pinterest.
I won't be copying exactly for this one- and it is not finished- this is just the primary blocking and ground clearing.

 I forgot to take a before pic- but just imagine a big jungle of tall weeds all jumbled together!
Today I woke at 5am, and was in the garden by 6.  

This is not typical Tobi I'll have you know. 

 Although I truly love my sleepies- also 

love arising at dawn and being there when the day wakes up.
So that's what i did this morning!  I was tossing and turning all night planning which plants I would move to which place... and in the end I wound up with this!  
  I even put all of my tools away-  
instead of leaving the yard 
look like a landscaping truck exploded on it.  

You see- I have ADD and sometimes I go off and start another project before actually finishing the first.  This is not one of my best qualities- but today I made sure to finish what I had started... at least the Phase one of this project!

So Here's What I did:
First I pulled out all of the weeds and trimmed back my Peegee sp? Hydrangea and spreading Rose bush

Then I dug up all of the plants I would be saving: My Sedum, two small Russian Sage plants, a Butterfly Bush that was getting too big for the front bed, my strawberry plants and these yellow fast growing tall flowers that I don't know the name of!
The sedum went at the back of the spiral, The Butterfly Bush went to the left corner behind the spiral, along with the two Russian Sage and Yellow unknown flower not yet in bloom! 
 I put them behind because they grow "like Stinkweeds" (lol my mom used to say that, can't say I even know what a stinkweed is!)

I then placed my fountain in the middle- (Setting that up will be part two)
I hadn't planned for a fountain, it was kind of a spur of the moment sorta thing- but I think the soothing sound of water trinkling will be nice from the porch.
Oh- and I placed a hosta that was hidden under all those weeds at the entrance.
So after all of this work, I took a nice pink bubble bath,
Put on my prettiest Party Dress 

And here I am wishing everyone a pinkaliscious weekend
 and to
 Miss Beverly- 
Thank you so much for getting us all together every Saturday for the past four years!  I have made a lot of friends here and me and the Pixies LOVE YOU!!!
(even if our grammar stinks!)
Stay tuned for Part Two- Setting up the fountain and
Part Three: Creating a pebble mosaic walkway!
Ta ta My lovelies!
Sparkly Hugs,


  1. You are off to a great start Tobi! Your garden is going to be so pretty! I just love the spiral design! Can't wait to see it all come together!

  2. I just found you through a linky party! I love your garden! I have big plans for mine as well. So, therefore, I love looking at others gardens!

    And, I just became your newest follower, yay! Would be so appreciate if you recipricaed at followed back! Thanks!

  3. Hi, I am a first time visitor and your newest follower. Great job on your spiral bed. I see why you were so inspired. Yours looks wonderful and already packed with with goodies. Yes, I am a lot like you loving to get up early to garden, but when the hot summer arrives that will be that.
    Enjoy, drop by for a visit. Kathy

  4. Jeepers a spiral garden is the greatest idea since rice krispies!
    Joyce M

  5. That is so cool!! I love the spiral! It looks so pretty. Good Job! Thanks so much for entering this into the Project Pinterest Challenge! Best of Luck to you!

  6. i love it!

    Please come and link at my Color Connection meme through my PINKentry, hope you'll join the fun!

  7. What a beautiful spiral garden. I love your idea..so creative! Sounds like alot of work involved. I was busy in my gardens and came across a snake so that was the end of my gardening for today lol. Happy Pink Saturday! Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hi Tobi! I found you at Pink Saturday's Party. What a happy fun blog you have! I can't wait to see the mosaic walkway! Denise englishpurpleribbon.blogspot.com/

  9. Lovely! Gardening is hard work but so worth it! You've inspried me! Happy PS!

  10. Oh I love the ''pooped you'' so darling (:) hugs,p

  11. Your garden is going to be lovely. I love bricks and I love the design. It's so nice...I'm going to join you today. I just happen to stubble on here...wink!, wishing you a magical day...can't wait to see more...come by and visit me sometime...@ spoonwither.blogspot.com

  12. I love your garden!
    Beautiful spiral .