More Bricks Please!!!

HA!!! (Sung like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood)
"It's a sparkely day in my neighborhood,
A sparkely day for a neighbor,
Do you have Bircks?
Could I have Bricks?!"

Well, I got an email from the "Brick Man" that I met on Craigs List last year and guess what?? HE HAS MORE BRICKS FOR ME!!!
YAY is all I can say.
"Why Tobi..." you may ask
"Don't you still have a huge pile of bricks you got from him last year and haven't moved them an inch?"
"Why YES..." I reply, "I certainly DO still have them, but NOW I don't have to decide between a Labyrinth or the waterfall brick walkway!"

The Best part of all this is- IT"S SATURDAY AND the HUBS isn't home and that means I am in like Flynn!!
I will post some pics for you later!
Sparkly Bricks,
Tobi !!


  1. lol... IT's the little things in life right? ;) Have you decided on which you are going to do- waterfall/labyrinth?

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Hey Miss Regs!!!
    Well NOW I don't have to choose- I have enough bricks to get to Emerald City and back! Well, maybe that is a minor fib, and the bricks aren't yellow, but I think I might have enough to do both!

  3. Miss Tobi...This so reminds me of the time my dad wanted nothing but cinder bricks...we ended up with a yard full of were using them for a jungle gym and i have more than one flower bed made from turned on its side cinderbricks! Good luck with your adventure! Beth

  4. Way cool!!! Love bricks too! Anxious to see what you decide

  5. Hi Tobi, This is me joining your second blog. My backyard is going to look magically beautiful too now that my husband has finished his new garage!

  6. Hi Tobi, a girl can never have too many bricks! I'm thinkin' I'd like to have some too. No tellin' what you'll come up with, Have fun! So glad you came by!