Vintage Alphabet Party- This Week It's "C and D"!

Prince Albert in a CAN...Hey- Can someone please let him out?? That was an old joke my dad used to tell.

CAT string holder...can you believe I actually bought this??? Sheesh!

CUP and saucer
Really Cool Cabinet!

Copper Candlestick!

Well, better late than never! Here are my Cs and D's!


  1. I came back just to listen to the music....LOL. It's magical!

  2. Wow, those are fantastic! I can't believe you scored that 'sterilzation' cabinet!

  3. I haven't decided what I am going to do for C and D yet and you have already got your post done. I really like it. Take care

  4. i love the copper candlestick!!! Thank you for considering my blog name for a tree, they are so gorgeous!!! id be honoured!!! lovely to have met you!!!

    ***fairy wishes & pixie dust***

  5. What a delicious tea cup, love the colours and florals on it!!! yummmyyyyy!!!

    ciao bella

  6. Hi Toby, I think you did a great job and really enjoyed looking at all the vintage items you found. I think the cat with the string is just too cute. Char

  7. I love the cat ball string holder!!! My string holder is an old wooden apple, wanta trade? LOL! Love your blogs Tobi! Marva