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How my Ice Obsession began...
I started making my own ice about two years ago when the icemaker on my "fancy fridge" decided for the last time to just stop working.  It was the brand that is known for it's repairmen having nothing to do because their machines never break... RIIIGHT!

Being without my cherished icemaker put me into a sort of panic attack- I was pretty much addicted to holding my glass up to the lever and filling it to the brim with ice in whichever form I desired- cubed, crushed or chipped.  After a few weeks,  I guess my husband got tired of bringing home bags of ice and one day told me "just make it"!

At first I think I actually got a bit miffed at the thought of making ice!  But then when I actually thought about it a bit, I realized that making ice was a lot better than buying it or getting it easily from the fridge door.
By making it, I could make sure that the water used was clean and filtered.  I am pretty sure that the ice bought in bags was probably just plain tap water, and who knows how clean or dirty the plant and machines are??
 Looking back, I can't even fathom that I actually didn't want to make ice!

I remember as a child always having ice trays in the freezer- the metal ones that had a "Quick release handle"! lol
Back to the pretty Ice Cubes!

 Here are some tips on how to make crystal clear ice cubes with beautiful blossoms thanks to Food.com, and beautiful Flower Cube Pics from http://theviewfromgreatisland.com


  • fresh edible flowers (such as scented geraniums, nasturtiums, violets, rose petals, pansies, lavender, borage, basil, chive)
  • 1 12 cups water, boiled and cooled
  • ice cube tray


  1. Gather and gently rinse all of your pesticide-free blossoms.
  2. Boil water for 2 minutes for all the air trapped in the water to escape. Then leave to cool till room temperature. This will ensure that the ice cubes are crystal clear.
  3. Place each blossom at the base of each individual compartment within an ice tray (or more trays if you have a large party).
  4. Fill each compartment half full with the cooled boiled water and freeze.
  5. After the water is frozen solid, fill each ice cube compartment the rest of the way to the top with the remaining boiled water.
  6. Refreeze and allow it to remain in the freezer until you are ready to use them (store in the freezer in zip lock bags).
  7. NOTE: You can also freeze a large ice ring for the punch bowl, with a variety of blossoms. Don't use the glass punchbowl or it will expand and burst in the freezer. Instead, use a ring-shaped cake tin and fill it with flowers and water. Follow the same procedure as above (filling halfway, then freezing), but you can add additional blossoms to the second layer so that the blossoms are throughout the large ice ring.
  8. Use the ice cubes in pitchers or glasses of lemonade, iced tea, juices, punches and cocktails

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  1. This is so pretty, and I know that it would make a beautiful presentation on the table. I love it!

  2. Hello! this is so pretty and I plan to try this in small cubes Love It! Thanks HPS