Lovely Raised Gardens!

Hello my sparkly friends!
Well, Mother's Day is officially over... so that means it's time to
 get your plants in the ground if you live in the North East
 like me and the Pixies.

 I really wish sometimes that I lived in a place 
with an extended growing season, but I really DO LOVE having the snow in the winter, even though we had none this year.

So let's talk about raised gardening. 
 I have a side lawn that has full sun in my front yard 
(where the  pile of topsoil with weeds
 growing on it that became known as the
and had my husband threatening me with Preen when i wasn't looking to get rid of the weeds  to  stop the neighbors from whispering about us) 

 is located.
The great lesson it taught me is to buy topsoil only in bags,
Especially if you are planning to grow veggies in your raised bed because the bulk topsoil comes from various locations and you have no idea what kind of pesticides and chemicals it contains!
 So I am planning to create raised beds in which I will raise lots of vegetables

and decorate with flowers so they will be pretty too!
I was planning on making rectangular ones like this

and lining them with chicken wire on the base so I don't have to worry about burrowing critters, and will use white pebbles in between and around the beds.
Then I will make a pretty flower bed close to the curb.
Easy Peasy- right??
But I really keep falling in love with the circular ones...
Help me choose!!!

The images I used in this blog are from Pinterest
 If you would like the source
visit my Pinterest board
 "Raised Gardens" 
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  1. Hi, I think the circular ones look much more feminine :o)
    Hugs Traude

  2. I think the circular ones would be easier to reach and harvest the vegies. Looks pretty cool too.

  3. Quite lovely! Visiting from Pink Saturday.

    Pink in the Sink. Have a lovely weekend.

    PS. I am your new follower.

  4. I think this is so great...I want to make one too...I have been wanting to have a raised pretty...Janice