After The Fire...Phoenix Rising!

Three years ago I got the call that you never want to get..."The house is on fire".
Bad news-House was a total loss. Good news- Tobi gets to redecorate COMPLETELY from scratch! We're talkin' "the beams were the only thing left. We lived in a trailer on the front lawn from April till November...the neighbors must have just LOVED that! Although it was very traumatic and stressful, we were really blessed to be able to redo the house from top to bottom! We were only able to do this because we had a wonderful insurance company. Now if it sounds odd that I would call a fire "good fortune" let me channel Lucy Ricardo for a moment and "splain". The fire actually only burned one room- the dining room. All the rest of the house was smoke damage. That was the good part. Smoke damage meant that I didn't lose any of my old photographs, teacups, dishes etc. They were considered a "loss" and we were paid for them but got to keep them! This of course meant that I had many hours of washing to do, but I didn't lose a single piece of jadite! I am a true believer that you should always look for the good fortune in things even if they seem like a disaster. One of my best piece of good fortune was that I was able to move walls a bit and vault the upstairs ceilings- something my husband would never had agreed to do if we had to pay for it! The only very unfortunate part of it all was we lost three dear little munchkins- Midnight the big fat cat, Nikki the vociferous Pomeranian and her puppy Brodie. But now that I have this blog, they will have their little faces out there for all to see!!! So here are some pictures of the house and the updates, and believe me I still have LOTS of projects to do so there will be much more to come!In love and light,Tobi

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  1. It really is great you can look at it this way. I too bought insurance and instead of stressing over what I would get out, I look at it as a chance for the new! It is just stuff. I am sorry about your sweeties (I commented below too). I Love your updates and how great to have all your Jadite! I am sharing a small place with my Mother and Stepfather at the moment so my lovely Jadite is packed away.:( We are looking for a palce for them but it is not easy in this economy. Anyway! I love your kitchen and cannot wait to visit again! I am glad you had a giveaway so my friends posted about you! I can never have too many blog friends!
    Hugs, Lisa