Rainbow Bridge

Our beloved munchkins that passed in the fire. Nikki was my first Pomeranian. She had such a personality! She would loudly protest when things didn't go her way by saying "WoooWoooWoo"! Her puppy Brodie was the one we were going to keep. Brodie would just look at you with such love- a deepness of soul. Midnight was a big fat black long hair cat that I think was a Maine Coon. She would actually be so lazy that instead of bending down to eat, she would pick up a piece at a time with her paw and put it in her mouth!


  1. Aw man. THis is something I fear the most! I'm so sorry! I have a few of those "Pets Inside" stickers up, as gaudy as they are. Oh, this breaks my heart.

  2. Oh I am so very sorry. It is hard to loose a pet but three at one time is just too hard to think about. I am a pet lover! (my blog is pupylov) I work in a Veterinarians office so I get my fill of sweeties everyday. I love the Rainbow Bridge it is such a great thing to think about!

  3. Oh Tobi, that is so sad! I have tears in my eyes! I have a golden retriever, 3 cats and 2 birds. How awful it would be to lose them. But it's also good to look on the bright side! Now I need to get some art done and quit bugging you but I love your blogs! :D Marva