Happy White Wednesday! Pixie Edition

Hello my Sparkly Friends! Today is White Wednesday and this is my first! As you know, Pixies rule in my neck of the woods, so I thought it fitting to start my White Wednesdays with a peek at my Pixie Collection!
I love the way they all wink...
Looks like the little cherub wants to talk, and she just pretends not to hear...

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little Pixies, there are more so keep coming back for White Wednesday!
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Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies

Mommy...Where do Pixies Come From???

Hello My Sparkly Friends! I thought you might like a peek into the Pink Pixie Forest Workshop to see where the trees are created. I was feeling better yesterday and the Pixies convinced me to organize the workshop and like a dummy I listened! Today I am paying for it, but laying up here in bed I feel good knowing that we prettied up the workspace and I can now find stuff!

Have A Wonderful Weekend!!

Got Labyrinth?!

Almost! I did 3/4 today, and it will be done tomorrow!
This was what my labyrinth looked like at 9am this morning. I figured it was time to get some of my projects done, and since the rain has finally gone someplace else for the next 4 days, I decided to start on the first thing on my list... PROJECT: LABYRINTH!

First I decided where to put the center. I made it to actually face in the same direction as Chartres, the famous labyrinth in France. Next step was to lay down the landscaping fabric.

Then I got a google pic of a 5 circuit modified Chartres labyrinth, and laid out the bricks.

After adding a sitting log and mini fire pit to the center, I started to make a fancy dancy entrance and start filling in with crushed stone.
Well, I am pooped now and off to bed, stay tuned to the same bat channel for tomorrows toil!!
Sparkly Hugs,
Tobi and the Pixies!